Cosmos FM honored Paulette Poulos with the 2023 Phidippides award for passionate advocacy of Hellenism (Video)

On November 9th, 2023, GAEPIS and its media outlet Cosmos FM New York 91.5 Hellenic Public Radio honored Paulette Poulos with the 2023 Phidippides award for passionate advocacy of Hellenism. Currently serving as the executive director of the Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Fund, Paulette received this recognition with great pride. AXIA! Stelios Taketzis Chairman of the GAEPIS board of directors, expressed gratitude to His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America attendees, the board and the organizing team for their collective efforts in ensuring the success of the event.

Special acknowledgments were extended to Michael Stratis for his exceptional job as the Master of Ceremonies, Costas Tsourakis for a tremendous rendition of the National Anthems, Areti Giovanou for a captivating piano performance, Alex Agisilaou for master level videography, Karolos Orfanos and Nikolas Kambouroglou for their invaluable stage support. Last but not least, Ioanna Antzoulis-Giannopoulos, the Director of Operations, along with the dedicated office personnel—Kiki Lazaraki, Viky Tsavalia, and Anna E. Eliopoulos—worked tirelessly to guarantee the event’s success.

It is important to recognize that Hellenic Public Radio COSMOS FM owes its existence to the steadfast support of its members and donors. Events like this one not only showcase the community’s generosity but also instill confidence in the continued backing that sustains the radio station.

Photo ETA Press – Fotis Papagermanos

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