ECONOMIST: Greece will always support the peaceful resolution of differences, FM Gerapetritis says

Greece converses with the Arab world and with Israel as a matter of principle, and is reliable, Greek Foreign Affairs Minister George Gerapetritis said at the 27th Annual Economist Government Roundtable in Lagonissi, SE of Athens, on Tuesday.

At a panel discussion, “From Globalisation to Regionalisation?” Gerapetritis said that Greece “will always support the peaceful resolution of differences. He added that the right of states to defend themselves against attacks must be guaranteed, within the limits of International Law, while terrorism cannot be acceptable by anyone or in any form.

In a changing geopolitical environment, he said, Greece’s foreign policy will remain a policy of principles, and will not become situational or transactional.

Among other things, Gerapetritis said there was a likelihood he will shortly revisit the Middle East. Developments there comprise a great challenge for everyone, as they are at the forefront of foreign policies of all states in the Western and Arab worlds.

Today’s great challenges – climate crisis, food insecurity, aggression, public health, and migration – share three features, he said: they are not restricted to a specific time or location, certainties are under collapse, and universal crises cannot be managed by universal solutions. “We have a duty to be consultative, to deal with issues thoughtfully, and mostly to include in our thoughts the future, not just the present or the past,” the FM said.

Asked to comment later about Greek-Turkish relations, Gerapetritis said that geography has forced the two countries to try to live together in prosperity and peace. “There are things the two countries can collaborate on,” especially in the sectors of economy, civil protection, and migration. “We will utilize every opportunity to build a proper relationship,” he underlined, as there is also a willingness to proceed step by step until the right path is found.

The panel included US Department of State former assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs Wess Mitchell, senior strategic adviser at The Henry Jackson Society (London) and former CEO of the American Jewish Committee David Harris, and Economist Executive Editor Daniel Franklin.

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