“Eleven Days to the Promised Land” at Queens College New York

New York. The Greek Elder Care Network, in collaboration with the Hellenic American Project led by Professor Nicholas Alexiou, successfully hosted its second book club event at Queens College on May 11. The event was a resounding success, attracting a diverse group of community members, college students, and elderly participants, along with Dino Pavlou’s family.

The main focus of the event was a discussion on Pavlou’s autobiography, “Eleven Days to the Promised Land.” This fascinating book details Pavlou’s journey from a small Greek village during the time of Nazi Occupation to his migration to the United States aboard the ocean liner Italia to New York.

The story continues with his enlistment in the US Army and eventually landing a job in the heart of New York City’s vibrant nightclub scene. The book details his incredible transformation and his interactions with legendary figures such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Anthony Quinn, and George Steinbrenner, many of whom became his close friends.

The attendees were thrilled to meet Dino Pavlou in person. He shared personal anecdotes from his book, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of some of the greatest celebrities in modern American culture and history. Special guest speakers included Katherine Quinn, Founder and President of the Anthony Quinn Foundation, who shared stories of her late husband and his relationship with Dino, and John Sitilides, who shared touching stories about his father Elias’ immigrant journey as Pavlou’s cabin mate. Both speakers talked about their lifelong friendship with Pavlou.

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The Greek Elder Care Network, in collaboration with the Hellenic American Project led by Professor Nicholas Alexiou, successfully hosted its second book club event at Queens College on May 11.

Professor Nicholas Alexiou also spoke about the significance of preserving and celebrating the Greek American experience through literary events. Angie Xidias, the founder of the Greek Elder Care Network, expressed her excitement about using their platform to elevate the important stories of Greek Americans to preserve Greek American history and bring together the community to celebrate individuals like Pavlou. “Dino Pavlou is extraordinary, and the presence of Katherine Quinn, wife of Anthony Quinn, traveling from Rhode Island, and John Sitilides, son of Elias Sitilides, traveling from Washington DC for this event, speaks volumes about his significance,” said Xidias.

The event was a great success, highlighted by an engaging presentation, lively discussion, and a surprise celebration, including a cake and champagne toast to honor the author’s upcoming 90th birthday. Many attendees had read the book and actively contributed to the conversation, while others were eager to learn more about Pavlou’s inspiring story.

The diverse audience and dynamic interaction emphasized the community’s enthusiasm for literary engagement and the power of storytelling. “I want to share my story,” said Pavlou. “One that’s meant to bring the reader through the journey of my youthful desperation into a life of hope and inspiration in the United States, the greatest country in the world.”

About Dino Pavlou: Dino Pavlou is the author of “Eleven Days to the Promised Land,” an autobiography that offers a unique perspective on American culture and history through intimate encounters with iconic figures. His story is one of resilience, courage, and triumph, embodying the essence of the American Dream.

About the Greek Elder Care Network: The Greek Elder Care Network is a social impact company dedicated to providing support and resources to the elderly and their families in the Greek American community. For more information, visit greekeldercarenetwork.com.

About the Hellenic American Project: The Hellenic American Project at Queens College is a scholarly initiative dedicated to promoting the study and understanding of Greek culture, history, and diaspora experiences in America. For more information, visit hapsoc.org.

About the Anthony Quinn Foundation: The Anthony Quinn Foundation is a non-profit organization that fosters arts education and cultural enrichment among young people. Named in honor of the iconic actor and artist Anthony Quinn, the foundation providesscholarships, grants, and mentorship opportunities to aspiring artists, filmmakers, and performers across diverse communities. For more information, visit aqfoundation.org.

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