Football stadiums to open on Tuesday, February 13, with new rules, Vroutsis says

Football stadiums will open again on Tuesday, February 13, with new rules, Alternate Sports Minister Yannis Vroutsis said on Wednesday during the briefing at the Ministry of Digital Governance.

A new Permanent Committee for Combating Violence is being established, which will impose strict sanctions on those who break these rules. Among the measures are the automatic barring of all spectators from the next at-home game in stadiums where a firecracker, torch or another dangerous object falls onto the sports field.

According to Vroutsis, the government’s goal is not to affect the football championship in any way. He stressed that the championship is not influenced, the government does not in any way interfere in the rankings nor in how the championship unfolds, respecting the self-government of EPO, of football, of each sport, and the regulations of UEFA and FIFA.

“However, it is the right of the State to defend the safety of the citizens, which in the stadiums means the safety of spectators,” he said.

On March 6, a second process involving the installation of CCTV cameras will begin, Vroutsis added. Any stadium that has not observed the procedure of installing cameras will not be permitted to let in spectators, Vroutsis noted, while on April 9 there will be another major legislative reform requiring the identification of those entering the stadium, with named tickets issued via the wallet.

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