Greece to begin offering new, electronic ID cards on Monday

A new platform where Greek  citizens can book an  appointment for the issue of a  new, higher-security,  contactless police ID card is to  open at the portal on  Monday.

Citizens will be able  to book an appointment at a  police station, which will be  confirmed through an e-mail  and SMS to their phone. After  attending the appointment and  the process for issuing the new  ID, they will then be informed  by SMS within a week or 10  days to pick up their new ID. 

There are 367 points for the  issue of the new police ID  cards throughout Greece, while  60 mobile units will be set up  for prisoners, hospital patients,  the elderly and disabled with  serious accessibility issues The  cost of the new ID is 10 euros,  payable online, while there is  an additional fee of nine euros  in cases where the original ID  is lost or damaged.

The new  IDs will be valid for 10 years,  as at present. The old ID cards  will cease to be valid from  August 3, 2026. 

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