Metropolitan Club. New York. Accelerating Investments for Sustainable Growth

D.C. CHRISTOPOULOS & PARTNERS LAW FIRM is pleased to announce its participation in the annual International Summit for the Greek Economy and Investments in particular the 25th Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece New York Forum: “Accelerating Investments for Sustainable Growth”, which will be held on Monday, December the 11th, 2023 at the Metropolitan Club in New York.

This longest-running investment conference for Greece which takes place abroad, is held under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York and is organized by Capital Link in collaboration with the New York Stock Exchange, the Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group) and the support of major International Banks such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley, Nomura & Axia Ventures Group and Organizations.

At the Forum will be discussed the latest updates on the progress, developments and reforms of the Greek economy as well as the business and investment opportunities that open up as Greece has embarked on a long-term sustainable growth trajectory. The systematic effort to highlight Greece’s profile to a global business and investment audience as well as enhance the business and investment ties between the United States and Greece is the main aim of the Forum.

The CEO of our company – D.C. CHRISTOPOULOS & PARTNERS LAW FIRM – Mr. Dimitrios Christopoulos, will participate as moderator of the afternoon panel entitled: “DEBT CAPITAL MARKETS – GREEK SOVEREIGN & CORPORATE DEBT – Post Investment Upgrade Prospects” and panelists:

  • Ms. Myriam Zapata, Managing Director, Debt Capital Markets, Sustainable Finance ESG, BNP Paribas
  • Mr. Dimitris Kofitsas, Head of Greece Investment Banking Coverage and Financing, Goldman Sachs International
  • Mr. Apostolos Goutzinis, Partner, Milbank
  • Mr. Vassilis Kotsiras, Head of Capital Markets & Structured Finance Division, National Bank of Greece
  • Mr. Antonis Timplalexis, Managing Director, Nomura International PLC
  • Mr. Dimitrios Tsakonas, Director General, Public Debt Management Agency
  • Ms. Cleo Lymberis, Group Treasurer, Public Power Corporation

Representatives of the Greek Government, Representatives of the American Government, Senior Executives from the Business and Industrial sector will participate in the high-level conference as well as Buy/Sell Side Analysts, Portfolio Managers, Institutional Investors, Commercial and Investment Bankers, Financiers, Senior Busniess Executives, Financial Advisors, Private Equity Funds, Press/Media, Auditors, Consultants, Investment Bankers, Lawyers.

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