Min. Kefalogianni unveils sustainable tourism initiatives at informal EU ministerial meeting

Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni showcased Greece’s and the Ministry of Tourism’s initiatives to advance the agenda of sustainable tourism development during an informal gathering of EU Tourism Ministers in Belgium. The central focus of the discussion revolved around ensuring the resilience of the tourism ecosystem.

In her presentation, Kefalogianni highlighted the establishment of the Observatory for Coastal and Maritime Tourism in the Mediterranean.

This institution monitors, records, designs, and implements targeted policies aimed at fostering sustainable development within the coastal and maritime tourism sectors across the Mediterranean region. Nine countries have expressed interest in participating.
Moreover Kefalogiannis proposed that the informal meetings of Tourism Ministers are integrated in the agenda of each new EU Presidency. She stressed the importance of establishing the institution of a Tourism Task Force at the EU level to address ongoing challenges and opportunities in the sector.

In response to the labor force shortage Kefalogianni recommended the creation of a dedicated platform known as the EU Talent Pool. This platform would facilitate connections between the EU and workers from non-EU countries, helping to mitigate labor shortages within the tourism industry.

Lastly, on the sidelines of the meeting, the Greek minister held bilateral meetings with her counterparts from Italy, Croatia, and Bulgaria. These discussions centered on exploring mutual interests and opportunities for fostering partnerships at both bilateral and European levels.

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