Dream On…Now Deliver, is Patricia’s personal guide, a roadmap for aspiring entertainers seeking to carve their path

In this comprehensive guide to breaking into the industry and thriving in it, actress, model, spokesperson, and television personality, Patricia Kara, shares her hard-earned wisdom from three decades of working in the entertainment business, including starring with Howie Mandel on all three versions of the iconic show, Deal or No Deal. One of her most important principles is understanding that you are a business.

With no initial connections, limited resources, and no internet in the early days of her career, Patricia relied on sheer determination and instincts to make it in this competitive field. This is the book she yearned for as a sixteen-year-old, striving to break into the business.


Dream On…Now Deliver is Patricia’s personal guide, a roadmap for aspiring entertainers seeking to carve their path. From the intricacies of auditions and casting calls to the nuances of securing and working with agents, and the significance of creating a personal brand and a lasting impact through social media, Patricia dispenses practical advice firmly rooted in her own lived experiences. She underscores the importance of hard work, resilience, and perpetual self-improvement, reminding us that success is a product of dedication and determination.

What sets this book apart is Patricia’s authentic desire to uplift others and share her knowledge. She comprehends the power of mentorship, the profound influence of guidance, and the significance of paying it forward. Patricia’s generosity radiates as she extends a helping hand to those embarking on their own journey into the entertainment business.

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