New York. 2,500 attendees and 250 speakers, from across 90 countries at the 13th Concordia Annual Summit (Video)

The 13th Concordia Annual Summit 2023 was held in New York with complete success again this year, alongside the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

There is only one week each year that the majority of the world’s heads of government, prime ministers and presidents come to one city and one place.

Hellenic DNA, for the third year, attended the largest and most inclusive nonpartisan global affairs forum. Three days of networking, thought leadership and conversation with government officials, global C-suite and non-profit executives, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Over 2,500 participants and more than 250 speakers from 90 countries gathered at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel in New York.

At Concordia’s Annual Summit, heads of state, private and public sector leaders from the US and around the world come together to discuss new and diverse perspectives to explore tangible solutions to local and global challenges. Through keynote discussions, interviews, panels, and a wealth of networking opportunities, ideas were sparked, debates were prompted, and partnerships were formed shaping the future of our globe.

Among others, key conversation topics were explored around the impact of mis- and dis-information and the role of the private sector in combating disinformation, the economic and geopolitical implications of war, security, democracy, opportunities and challenges associated with emerging technologies, to the urgent steps needed to address today’s mental health crisis and advance environmental sustainability.

The high quality of the proposals presented allowed for comprehensive information while impressing was the participants’ interest in their projects and their willingness to escape from the ordinary by experimenting, pursuing innovation and originality.

Among the 90 speakers, the following are indicatively mentioned: H.E. José Manuel Barroso – Former President of the European Commission, T.H. Elizabeth M. Allen – Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State, T.H. Eric Adams – Mayor of New York City, Clayton Anderson – Songwriter, José Andrés – Founder, World Central Kitchen, Jon Banner – EVP, Global Chief Impact Officer, McDonald’s Corporation, The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair – Executive Chairman, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Jason Buechel – CEO, Whole Foods Market, The Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg – President, Global Affairs, Meta, and many others.

Watch the videos below for excerpts of conversations held this year at 2023 Concordia Annual Summit. See you in September 2024.

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Matthew Swift & Nicholas Logothetis – Founders of Concordia, T.H. Eric Adams – Mayor of New York City

Environmental Sustainability


Speakers: Charlotte Kan – Journalist & Master of Ceremonies, T.H. Kandeh Yumkella – Chairman – Presidential Initiative on Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Food Security, Government of Sierra Leone

Innovative Technology


Speakers: Yalda Aoukar – Managing Partner, Bracket Capital / Bracket Foundation, Michael Crow – President, Arizona State University, Igor Jablokov – CEO & Founder, Pryon, Reggie Townsend – Vice President, Data Ethics Practice, SAS, Misha Zelinsky – War Correspondent, Columnist, Australian Financial Review

Watch all videos here: East Stage & West Stage at the 2023 Concordia Annual Summit

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